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Sep 29

Decreasing Pain With Wax

  Paraffin wax isn’t just for spas anymore. Typically, wax has been used to soothe the hands or the feet during manicures and pedicures. Now, wax has been used as a great tool for physiotherapy. Paraffin wax has been proven to providing relief for stiff joints, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, or carpal tunnel. Head to Toe […]

Aug 26

3 Simple Changes You Can Make Toward a More Holistic Lifestyle

  What is a Holistic Lifestyle? Living a holistic lifestyle means that you live your life in a way that is healthy and natural to both yourself and the world in which you live. A holistic lifestyle helps keep your mind, body and spirit in balance. When you live a balanced life, you are able […]

Aug 26

Are Activator Adjustments Effective?

Originally developed by Dr. Arlan Fuhr in 1967, activator adjustment therapy utilizes a handheld, spring loaded instrument as an alternative to manual spinal adjustment. The instrument is used for both diagnostic and treatment. This method of therapy is used by reputable chiropractors for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, and chronic & migraine headaches. […]

Jul 20

Increase Mobility with a Traction Table

At Head to Toe Posture & Rehab Center in Plantation, FL, we have what our patients need to reach their full potential. Our highly trained and experienced staff provides the latest in therapies, treatments and medical devices focusing on what works for each individual. One of our most used therapies in our chiropractic clinic is […]