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Welcome to Head to Toe Posture & Rehabilitation Center, LLC, Plantation, FL

Dr. Ashley Dixon, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer and Writer, looks forward to the opportunity to help people live their life to its fullest potential. Age and ability is never a factor. Dr. Ashley Dixon strives to help every person with her unique chiropractic/rehabilitation approach. Dr. Ashley Dixon’s care starts with a complete evaluation of patient’s pain and ability. Then followed by a functional screening to determine the areas of treatment. Finally, a unique treatment plan designed for rehabilitation, strength, and flexibility.

Dr. Ashley Dixon offers care for:
– Neck and Back
– Knees, Shoulders, Ankles and Wrists
– Wellness and Holistic Lifestyle Changes
– Exercise Rehab
– Feet Care/ Orthotics
– School Sport’s Physicals
– Auto Accident Related Pains
– Commercial Moor Vehicle Driver Physical Exams


What sets Dr. Ashley Dixon apart from other chiropractors is her one on one approach to care. Chiropractic therapy, rehabilitation activities, and exercises are done under constant supervision with undivided attention.

If you are new to chiropractic care or looking for a new Chiropractor, speak with Dr. Ashley Dixon, DC: 954-372-7795 or email us: for specific questions or to schedule a complimentary chiropractic evaluation at our Plantation, FL office.

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We offer a variety of chiropractic treatments such as:

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  • Functional Screening
  • Exercise Rehab
  • Posture Screening
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  • Massage Therapy

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Meet the Staff: Dr. Dixon

Dr Ashley

Dr. Ashley Dixon, DC

Dr. Ashley Dixon, DC has been practicing Chiropractic in Broward County since 2010. During this time, she became the health and fitness writer for the Happy Herald Newspaper, contributes to her blog and other international blogs.

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